How can Education Advisers Ltd's university services supplement your counsellors?
How can Education Advisers Ltd's university services supplement your counsellors?
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School Services

Education Advisers Ltd is pleased to work together with schools to supplement their own advice on university choice and admission. Our aim is to assist school university counsellors and not to replace them! This also means that we try to meet the school’s own culture and objectives rather than expecting them to follow our own. Please be assured our approach is always independent and impartial. We do not “sell” nor recruit for particular universities.

We have a range of presentations, workshops, webinars, and other services to offer schools and to help them prepare their students as fully as possible for making their university applications. In the UK we can usually deliver with a team in person and internationally webinars are very effective. We can also use video conference technology to help with individual student enquiries.

Presentations can be specifically targeted at different year groups and can also be designed to focus on a specific subject or university area if required, such as applying to Oxford or Cambridge universities, or to Medical School or Veterinary College. Currently we are receiving a lot of interest in “Super Curricular Activities” because Cambridge University has published its desire to see students widen their interests and passion beyond their desired degree ambitions. This will spread across most of the elite universities, and we have a ready-made programme delivered by our partners in Cambridge itself. We sense that many schools are undecided how to meet this important demand.

Our experienced consultants can also deliver sessions that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Below are some examples of the different ways we can work with you to help your students achieve their Higher Education ambitions.

For Year 11 students our consultants focus on introducing students to what it is like to study at university and ask them to think about their reasons for wanting to apply. They also stress the importance of GCSE and IGCSE results and A Level or IB subject choices, as well as outlining the next steps to take.

Presentations for Year 12 students highlight the tasks of choosing and applying to university. The presentation can include a detailed introduction to UK Universities, an outline of different types of institutions and courses, the UCAS application system and how it works, how to compile a shortlist of institutions, the Personal Statement and also the tricky, but very relevant subject of student finance.

There are also sessions for year 12 and 13 students on writing the Personal Statement which not only goes into more detail, but also provides examples of good and bad practice and which can also include the “You are an Admissions Tutor” workshop if requested and time permits.

Workshops include the “You are an Admissions Tutor” for Years 12 and 13. This begins with a summary of the UCAS application process and a reminder of Personal Statement good practice. The students are then divided into groups to read through a selection of ‘real’ applications and then make admissions decisions and state their reasons. The session concludes with the actual decisions being given.

Education Advisers can also design a bespoke session for your school or college. This would cover all aspects of delivering individual advice and guidance to students and can also include advice for staff who would contribute to the content of the student reference.

In short, we aim to provide the complete service for all those students wanting to move on to Higher Education. However, we fully recognise that rather than wanting a “shrink wrapped service”, the majority of schools will want a bespoke programme to cover defined topics.

Where our webinars are standardised, they are available for free to view on our YouTube channel. Where they are customised to fit a school’s needs there is a consultancy fee, negotiable on requirements.

Please contact us on (+44(0)1622 813870) to discuss how Education Advisers Ltd can support your pathway to university.





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