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UK University Rankings

There is a lot of interest in which Universities are ranked highest in the UK. This often relates to which of the elite Universities are the best. Is Cambridge better than Oxford? Is Imperial better than UCL? Are all Russell Group Unis in the top 25? For the average university student it is probably more relevant as to whether a University is in the top quartile. Additionally it is important to see where a University ranks for their target degree course.

There are numerous league tables ranking on their own chosen measurements such as entry standards, research quality, student satisfaction, work prospects, added value and so on. We would rather not get mixed up in these ever increasing split scores only designed to differentiate one table from another - so, we have simply averaged most of the publicly available tables for the last 2 years and come up with a very simple ranking list:

UK University Rankings:

1 Cambridge
2 Oxford
3 St. Andrews
4 Imperial
5 Durham
6 Warwick
7 Surrey
9 Exeter
10 Bath
11= UCL
11= Loughborough
13 Southampton
14 Bristol
15 Birmingham
16= East Anglia
16= York
18 Leeds
19 Sussex
20 Kent
21 Edinburgh
22 Kings College, London
23= Nottingham
23= Newcastle
25 Glasgow
26 Leicester
27 Manchester
28 Reading
29 Sheffield
30 Cardiff
31 Heriot Watt
32 Aston
33 Queen Mary’s
34 = Royal Holloway
34 = Coventry
36 Queens Belfast
38 Essex
39 Dundee
40 City
41 Aberdeen
42 Strathclyde
43 Keele
44 Liverpool
45 Swansea
46 Nottingham Trent
47 Oxford Brookes
48 Stirling
49 Brunel
50 Goldsmiths

We don’t compile individual degree course rankings but you can find a detailed breakdown of these at

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